Morning confessions.

The First Introduction.

So here we are today, Tuesday, July 18, 2017 and finally, two years after deciding that I think I should blog, finally we have a first post.  While I would love to be proper about formatting, I am no journalist and did not take formal training on such so all I can offer is proper spelling; maybe. With that being said, Welcome!
To be vague here is a small intro of my shtick: Mid 30’s married, kid-free Femme.  Married straight, yet I identified as Bisexual and as time goes on even though I am still attracted to males; I find myself at moments just absolutely gayer than a bag full of plastic dicks.
C’est la vie!
7 years into marriage the illusion has completely faded, I am no longer in love and feel as though I still have such a life to live that I no longer want to be “tied down” and identifying as a married woman. Or, maybe I wouldn’t feel this way if my significant other wouldn’t get all up in his feelings over a craving for pussy. These cravings or desires if you may, are constant for me. They have been present inside of me since as far back as I can remember and they have never gone away. Naturally, we long for those things that are not easily accessible, it is the nature of the beast.
While I have maintained some relationships outside of my marriage, I have not had a steady “girlfriend” in over 4 years.  I have recently met someone, not sure how it will play out but I am curious to find out.  Let’s hope the curiosity does not kill me in the same fashion as the cat. And let me not forget to mention that when it rains it pours.  I just recently came clean to a friend that I was sexually attracted to her and she reciprocated.
So here I am craving pussy like a 15 year old boy that can’t even get a text back and now two women have my attention. Not fucking cool. Again, when it rains, it pours.
What fucking gives? Who knows but, I keep mentioning that I am curious to find out.
I need, want and crave a certain feeling that I haven’t felt in so long.  Her hair, the way she smells, the feel of her soft skin against mine, the way she stops mid breath and lets out a slight sigh. Her moaning as I reach inside and pull at her from the center of her soul, and a release so intense it drains your very existence. As I type this I am absolutely, disgustingly turned on. I should be working but here I am blogging my first entry and wondering if it will be a productive day or not? Will I sneak off to or Tumblr to perv long enough for a quick orgasm?  Or will I behave today? All I know is that today, I am unfocused, hungry, horny, and just all over the fckng place; excuse my French.

Fun Fact # 1: I curse like a sailor. Pick a subject, pick a language.  I know all the ways to say “Fuck You”.  Not proud of it at all if you were to really ask me about it but what can I say.  It probably doesn’t really bother me that much because I have never made a conscious effort to change this detail about myself. So to that I say, I never mean to offend but vulgar language will make a regular appearance around these parts.

This short first post is a basics, but it doesn’t cover it all. So stick around and learn more. From this I plan chronicling daily life.  Journaling my way to a better understanding of myself and my thoughts. How they vary from moment to moment and the feelings that accompany those thoughts.

It’s Tuesday, I  haven’t received any pictures for Titty Tuesday and no one is sucking on my toes right now.  I’m off  finish working and ordering lunch because we know what really takes precedence here.

Take care guys, and remember, you’re responsible for someone’s orgasm this morning while they masturbated thinking of you.


XOXO –  always offensively yours- D


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