What’s your fantasy?

11/9/2017 –


I don’t really have one, I have many. I did not elaborate what kind of fantasies though. So let it rip, what are yours?


11/14/2017 –


Well happiest of Tuesdays to y’all. I skipped out since last Thursday. It was one hell of a hellacious few days.  In my feelings and just all over the fucking place. I felt so out of sorts that I did nothing this weekend but pound the pavement and walked and brisk jogged a bit over 10 miles between Saturday and Sunday and then Monday, I put in just shy of two miles. It helps take my mind off of things beyond my control that still somehow manage to absolutely consume me.  Then the downside is the free running endorphins and a sex drive with no outlet.  Okay so we go and run some more because instead of staying hydrated and minding my own fucking business, I stress of these people and their inconsistencies. Why tho?

Because reasons and that’s all I got right now. At work right now and worrying about when it will be that I can get some fucking consistent dick.

Cheezus what fucking first world problems right?

I’m signing off until tomorrow, I have some masturbating to go do. Here’s to hoping my clit doesn’t fall off from all the fucking rubbing I’ve been doing lately.

XOXO – Always offensively yours,   D.









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