Not for the faint of heart…


Maybe I am not meant to have “true happiness”. Single since 2015 and I jus don’t know how people actually date these days.  Life is fairly simple but yet we insist on making it so fucking complicated. I hella miss the days that you could approach someone and spark a conversation. These days, we meet on-line and begin our interactions based off of superficial fuckery, because lets face it, you didn’t read the profile and chose because the thumbnail of his/her picture that is attractive to you. Not I. I value people more than that. I value myself more than that. Hey, I am not saying I have not met someone on-line, I have. Not to any success however, so I cannot really express any true positive experiences as far as that goes. This is rather sad and disheartening when you consider that I am almost 36. At this age, men and women should know better but what’s out there for those that are actually looking for some loyalty?

Again, I have been single for about two years and just in the last 4 months I have met two men, both in their early 40s and let me tell you, I have been unimpressed with how I have been regarded. Not one matched my enthusiasm or matched my efforts at being sweet and nice.  I am utterly sweet and nice, so much that I may give you a cavity, real talk. That is just who I am, not a façade or a front, it is who I am at all times. But I want the same in return. I’m available. I’m open. I want and need the same in return. Open minded and adventurous but not a free spirit when it comes to my energy and efforts.

I love like I fuck, HARD! My kind of love ain’t for everyone. Not for the faint of heart. I am down, open minded, good, game and giving. You want head? Done. In my ass? Hold up, let me clean out a bit. I can keep going but I think most get the picture. Just don’t make me beg for your attention, because I am pretty much available at all times. Hey, maybe that may not be healthy but I am. My schedule stays pretty open considering that I do not have children of my own. I just want and would appreciate a random message letting me know that you’re thinking of me.

I am a pretty positive person. I like motivation and positive affirmations – that “Good Morning” text don’t pay the bills but it puts a smile on your face and to me, that shit is priceless. If you’re lucky enough to date me, you will be greeted in the mornings with a good morning text and an affirmation for positivity with good vibes and hopes for a kick ass day. But bitch, I want that in return, acknowledge me! Match me. You don’t do things to expect anything in return, and you can believe that I never do but I really appreciate the start to the morning on that kind of note. For those that have not caught on to it yet, it all begins with the mind fuck and in my opinion, it starts in the morning and plays on through the end of the day when you finally sit down after a good meal and smoke a nice joint. After said joint it  moves into the bedroom where you physically play out the explicit mind fuck.

Play with this pussy, fuck this pussy until it cums so hard that you’re swimming in it. Then let me lick it all clean, then you move to my ass where you cum and then afterwards, you eat this pussy. Just a short of what could possibly play out on a regular week night. On the weekends though… That’s another story for another time.

Point is, match this effort. Match the enthusiasm. Match the love. Tell me that you’re thinking of me, that I’m on your radar. It’s only going to benefit you. I bet on it.


XOXO – Always offensively yours,   D.




Match me.

11/7/2017 – 0700

Match my enthusiasm. Match my effort. Match my ambition.  This is honestly all I ask for. I don’t required constant attention but if I say “Good Morning” – Don’t just chuckle, FUCKING SAY IT BACK GOT-DAMN-IT! Match my enthusiasm for life. I like giving positive affirmations and to provide motivation. In turn, I want the same in return. Motivate me, tell me to have a kick ass day, tell me I’m doing great if that’s the case. I love that shit! Most women do, if you  didn’t know, now you do.

Never underestimate the attractiveness of matched effort. Whatever you can do to put a smile on her face, you can trust that her pussy responds to that too, remember that.

Last night was weird, my body wanted rest and I did just that, in bed by about 2030 (8:30pm) – I had had it mentally and just wanted to be a recluse and did just that. I woke up the first time just a bit after 2230. I put on a pair of sweatpants and headed outside with bong and grinder in tow, time to meditate. I had two nugs left, I broke up one and will re-up later tonight about 2000 with an eight. Kill yourself right now if you don’t realize that everyone, and I do mean everyone has a vice or two or twenty.  It’s life, and most of them are coping mechanisms. Let’s just try to be healthy about them and enjoy them in moderation, hence why I only re-up with an eighth at a time. Pot makes life so amazingly beautiful but without moderation, you start to disconnect. I’ve been there before, I  don’t want to return to a space that I’m smoking to disconnect and not enhance.

I joined a DietBet yesterday that begins tomorrow, to lose 4% of your total weight. The weigh in is tomorrow so I guess I do not feel so bad that I did not really do any exercise yesterday.  I will take the weigh in pictures today and log in a work out. Again, we do this to look good naked and to keep my sex drive up, don’t hate me for that. Also, I truly noticed that the time I invest in myself is actually some of the greatest investment I have eve made. My confidence soars, my attitude stays consistently positive, these are just some of the benefits that are almost instantly noticeable, in my opinion.

Also, I need to stop wasting my beest ass, tits and sex drive years on fuckboys who don’t even have the dick to deserve it.

Here’s to wishing that everyone’s Tuesday is killer in the greatest fashion. I am still on my period and horny as ever so Tumblr has been a good friend.

XOXO – Always offensively yours,   D.